Speculation: Firaxis Working on X-Com Remake?

According to recent Gamespot and BigDownload articles, Firaxis may be designing a new version of the X-Com game series. The X-Com series was created by MicroProse, and Take-Two, upon purchasing Firaxis in 2005, gained the rights to the X-Com intellectual property.

From Gamespot:


The tweets read: "Apparently, there's a rumor that X-Com is being developed by Firaxis, which I wouldn't find hard to believe. I swear that I read they're working on a sci-fi game somewhere...The rumor is that there's two X-Com games--[an] FPS from Irrational and [a] turn-based one from Firaxis."

2K Boston is working on a new X-Com game of some sort, with a shooter spin-off being a strong possibility. As far as a second turn-based X-Com game from Firaxis is concerned, it would be the stuff of old-school gamers’ dreams. And, as Fallout 3’s massive sales proved, a critically acclaimed reboot of a classic franchise can reap massive rewards.

Keep in mind that while the creation of a new X-Com game is presumed underway, potential involvement by Firaxis is not.

Thanks to raymundo and Modeltrainman for the news tip.

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