"Stardock Hires Fall From Heaven Creator After 'Challenging' Elemental Launch"


Like noted by our forum member ShaqFu, there is an article at Gamasutra: “Stardock Hires Fall From Heaven Creator After ‘Challenging’ Elemental Launch”:


But the new producer, Derek "Kael" Paxton, is not entirely new to video game development. He's the creator of the massive fantasy-themed Civilization IV mod series Fall from Heaven. He's also credited for his work on Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword and was a contributor on Civilization V.

“This is the opportunity to marry my professional project manager career with my passion for game design,” Paxton said in a statement. He will officially join the Elemental: War of Magic and Galactic Civilizations developer in November.

Read the full article here and talk with the other civfanatics in this thread.

Let’s say “Congratulations, Kael” :goodjob:, the CivFanatics are happy for and proud of you.

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