Offers Its Own Civ5 Preview

A recent Civ5 preview on offers a few new items of note and also some commentary on the extent to which Civ5 differs from Civ4 (indeed, some forum members, noticing the reintroduction of per-turn maintenance for city buildings, have claimed the game seems to incorporate some Civ3 elements).

It would be unfair to claim that Civilization V is an outright amalgamation of Civilization IV and Civilization Revolution. The DNA is obvious, however many gameplay elements are clearly incorporated to extend the complexity of the gameplay, rather than simplify it, as was the case with Revolution. [...]

No matter the level of zoom, the world is a finely detailed entity, with subtle DirectX 11 lighting effects and clever placement of game assets complimenting your march through the ages.

It’s a deceptive facade. Underneath the new hex layout and the fancy graphics beats the heart of a ground-up remake. The developer Firaxis, with the sweep of a pen, have managed to achieve what the real world has singularly failed to do - namely the abolition of religion. Temples simply add happiness and culture.

Gone too, any form of espionage. You can’t even rename your cities. Indeed, it may appear from the outset that most of the changes introduced with the massive overhaul that was Civilization IV have been removed, or at least modified in a substantial way.

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