Sullla Posts Civ5 Report

Those of you who spent the first few days of Civ4's release waiting for installment after installment of Sullla's Civ4 walkthrough will be pleased to know that Sullla has posted the report from one of his first full games of Civ5.

Sullla begins as follows:


It was certainly a different experience this time around, not working with the development team, and not having an insider's view of the whole process. That means I'm back to being a normal gamer again, and getting the experience that everyone else gets when starting up a new game. Let's dive right in and see what there is to find in Civilization 5.
With that said, for an interesting and honest take on Civ5's gameplay (or just to admire the screenshots), be sure to read the full report. If you're just interested in his concluding remarks, here's what he had to say:

Overall, the release of Civ5 reminds me of the release of Civ3. It's a game with serious balance issues, and gameplay holes all over the place. Multiplayer is completely non-functional right now, unplayably full of bugs and crashes. I've been very harsh on Civ5 since it's come out, probably because I'm so disappointed that the game would be released in such a flawed state. Is this a good game right now? Sort of. It's not terrible, but it's very, VERY rough around the edges at present. Will it become a good game in time? Maybe. Hopefully. That depends on what Firaxis chooses to do. After the various fiascos associated with Civ3's release, I didn't think we'd have to go through this again. Apparently we will.
I think it's safe to say that you won't find a more candid review from a more talented player. :grinning:

(To view some discussion of his thoughts on the forums, as well as a follow-up response from Sullla himself, see this thread.)

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