The Escapist: Hands-On Preview - 05 Aug

The Escapist journalist Russ Pitts was give a precious 45 minutes of play with Civ5,

and here is his 4-page writing on the experience…

Though not much new info pieces on the game is given to us fanatics,

this is a good piece on the feeling of the game :grinning:

Here is how he was feeling at the end:

…I’d been playing for 44 minutes, 30 seconds. My PR rep was approaching to kick me off the computer. I was sweating, not just from the stifling New York City heat, but from the anticipation of an all-or-nothing gamble. I may have only had less than an hour with the game, but I’d already been sucked in. I was committed to my plan and I was enjoying myself more than an objective journalist in a heavily-structured hands-on demo is supposed to.

In spite of the heat, the frustration and the confusion, I’d fallen in love with Civilization all over again, in less than the amount of time it takes to cook a chicken.

Even though I knew I couldn’t, shouldn’t win this desperate battle against overwhelming odds with inadequate forces - and that it wouldn’t matter even if I did - I wanted to win. I needed to win. If nothing else, I wanted something to show for my brief time with Civ V, so that I wouldn’t have to leave with the regret of not having “one more turn” to try again.

So I told my military adviser to shut up and aimed my cavalry at the enemy line, and charged. Then I died. My head sank to the keyboard and I was asked to leave the room…

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