The First Three Bert Sponsors

We have the first batch of new sponsors for the new expansion for Beyond Earth, Rising Tide. So lets get to know them a little bit more.

Al Falah


Al Falah is a sponsor from the Middle East, a land that was devastated in the Great Mistake, and as such was not able to send a ship in the first wave of colonization. Because of the fight it took to unite the people of the Middle East, Al Falah has a mistrust of other power that have caused them so much harm. This is compounded with the fact that Al Falah was not able to secure the technology needed to create Cryostasis pods like everyone else. So instead of sending out a sleeper ship to colonize the cosmos, Al Falah sent out a generation ship. Whole generations have lived and died on board during the long trip to their new home. Because of this the people of Al Falah led by Arshia Kishk, have strong community bonds and an inbuilt self-sufficiency.

Game play wise, Al Falah gives you a lot of flexibility with how you play, this is because they get a 200% bonus to city processes. This means that as long as you create a strong production base you can have the flexibility to push science to get that next tech faster, push your culture to get that next virtue before anyone else, get that next citizen to increase your cities production.

North Sea Alliance


The North Sea Alliance (the NSA) is a sponsor that unites the British Isles and Scandinavia and their territories. When the first seeding process happened the NSA decided not join the rest of the world fleeing Earth. Instead they decided to work to make Earth better like helping to relocate Amsterdam and working on de-nuclearisation projects. But as time went on a new leader emerged, Duncan Hughes, which brought together a new coalition of powers within the NSA and pushed for the NSA to join the others in the stars. As the NSA takes to the stars, they’ll use the skills they acquired working on the high seas to carve out a new life for them.

Game play wise, the NSA is all about naval power. The NSA starts where possible in the ocean, which is good because their aquatic cities get a bonus to their attack. As well as this, the NSA can move their cities faster than anyone else, which gives them the power to claim the open seas faster than everyone.



In the German buffer zone between the Franco-Iberia, the NSA and the Slavic Federation a new power has emerged - The Initiative für Nachhaltige Technologien, Effizienz, Gerechtigkeit und Rechtschaffenheit or just INTEGR. From their power base in the Rhine basin and under the direction of Lena Ebner, (a media upstart or political tidal wave, depending who you ask), INTEGR has spread its message of effective and transparent governance, political activism on behalf of the disenfranchised, and environmental resilience, across the former Germany and sounding region (with some saying the influence of INTEGR spans the globe).

Game play wise INTEGR is also a very flexible civilization because it gets bonus in regards to Diplomatic agreements and diplomatic capital. Firstly, diplomatic agreements cost less diplomatic capital for INTEGR, also buildings and units cost less to buy when purchasing with diplomatic capital. This means as long as you build up a strong base for your diplomatic capital, you will have the flexibility to engage in multiple diplomatic agreements which will benefit your growing civilization.

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