VideoGamer Publishes Colonization Hands-On Preview

Today published its preview for Civilization IV: Colonization. Similar to many other hands-on previews, this article contains a good description of various aspects of the game though it lacks any new screenshots. Here is an excerpt that explains the additions and changes to the interface:

Far more important is the fact that the layout of menu screens, feedback and stats is all very intuitive. Governing the development of a new nation is no easy task, but the game does everything it can to make options and commands as simple as it can - with an emphasis on drag-and-drop for managing trades and assigning colonists to specific jobs. As is typical for Firaxis games, there's also an in-built encyclopaedia who proves to be totally invaluable.
Also, I just noticed that 2K Games' official Colonization site is up. Chances are that it was released some time ago, but, since it contains nothing new, it largely went unnoticed. Tomorrow, August 15, promises to be a big day for new Colonization info and previews according to some posts on the forum, so keep your hopes up!

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