Vote for PolyCast as 'Best Produced' in 2012 Podcast Awards

- Vote Daily for PolyCast in the 2012 Podcast Awards -

(November 1st-15th 11:59PM Eastern Time (North America))

Calling all Civilization series fans: between November 1st-15th (11:59PM Eastern Time (North America)), your daily vote for PolyCast in the “Best Produced” category for the 2012 Podcast Awards is requested. This successful nomination to the slate, announced yesterday, was made possible thanks to the response to the call out earlier this month to do so. Whether you availed yourself of that opportunity or not, now is the time to mark your calendars to contribute to the next phase of this process. :grinning:

PolyCast, a bi-weekly audio podcast giving the Civ community an interactive voice on game strategy, is one of just 205 shows successfully nominated out of more than 5,000 podcasts, almost triple the number from last year; the total number of nominations cast exceeded 11 million. For complete details on the voting process, see the rules. Keep on Civ’in!

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