Vote for your favorite Civ4 Mods

GameFlood started a mod/mapmaking contest last month and the voting is scheduled to end on Monday, July 16th.

Currently Fall from Heaven II is 1st in the RTS Mods category with a thin margin on the growing 2nd (a C&C Generals mod). Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization is currently 3rd in the RTS Mods category and Earth 18 civs is 5th in the RTS Maps category. ActualQuotes for Warlords is 2nd in the Mini-Mods for RTS category.

Registration is required to vote. It’s possible to vote more than one mod and number of downloads and views also count for ranking. The top 10 in each category on 7/16 will enter the final judging phase.

>> Current Top 25 for RTS Mod Contest

>> Current Top 25 for RTS Map Contest

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