Want To Help Create A Better Ai?


If you wish to help create a better AI for Civilization games, please read the following:

Dear All,

Arago, an artificial intelligence company based in Frankfurt and New York invites you to participate in our HIROic challenge. We are working on an artificial intelligence, called HIRO, and we believe that it will be able to beat the world’s best players in Freeciv shortly. However, HIRO doesn’t know anything about the game yet.

Although HIRO is a quick learner it needs awesome mentors: world class Civ experts that know how to build civilizations and compete against other empires within the game. Therefore, we are looking for the most experienced and most creative players in your community that are ready to support us to not only teach HIRO to play Freeciv like a world champion but to create the world’s most powerful computer opponent.

The major difference between the usual computer opponents you are already familiar with and HIRO is that the latter will be human-like – no more tricking, no more unfair information advantages. Every time you play against HIRO you will be playing against the world’s best players at the same time, because HIRO will pool the knowledge of the world’s best human players in one “super brain”.

The task we ask for is simple: play at least two games with us in the beginning of August and tell us about the principles of your pathway to victory. Once you register, you work with a “buddy” from our organization. We have set up a Docker container that will have everything you need to participate and we will assist you in getting setup to play. Any issues can be addressed through your “buddy”.

Depending upon how well you do, your efforts will be rewarded with great non-cash bonuses. Furthermore, Arago would like to provide your community with its computer opponent as soon as it is ready to win against the best.

If you want to go down in history, please register at http://hiroic.arago.co and beat the beast.


Arago Team

We are intentionally exempting this from our policy of no advertisements because we feel this effort could bring great benefit to the civilization community.

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