Wonder & Artifact Packs Coming October 30

2K Games announced yesterday that the three Wonder & Artifact Packs (Mythic, Eternal, and Iconic) originally offered at retailers in North America as gift with purchase for Civilization Revolution are coming out on October 30th on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network worldwide.

Each of these packs will cost 300 MS Points on XBL, and for $3.75 US, €2.99, ?2.39, and AU $4.95 on PSN. Click the button below to see the list of wonders/artifacts and their effects:

The Mythic Wonder & Artifact Pack includes:

Ancient: Lighthouse of Alexandria – your Galleys will be able to sail into open water

Medieval: Leaning Tower of Pisa – you receive a larger cut of the profits when enemy Caravans arrive in your cities

Industrial: Scotland Yard – your great people cannot be kidnapped by enemy spies

Modern: SETI – your spaceship will travel faster

Artifact 1: Camelot – all your Horsemen units will immediately be upgraded to Knights

Artifact 2: Tower of Babel – you will instantly be put in contact with all the nations of the world

The Eternal Wonder & Artifact Pack includes:

Ancient: Trajan’s Column – your Legion units all receive +1 attack

Medieval: University of Sankore – desert regions provide +1 trade

Industrial: Eiffel Tower – all buildings provide +1 science

Modern: Cristo Redentor – Cathedral buildings will prevent your cities from flipping

Artifact 1: Pharoah’s Needle – you instantly receive knowledge of an advanced technology

Artifact 2: Tesla’s “Peace” Ray – all wars immediately end

The Iconic Wonder & Artifact Pack includes:

Ancient: Coliseum – your units will upgrade faster

Medieval: Taj Mahal – all building produce +1 culture

Industrial: Statue of Liberty – all cities in your civilization immediately receive two free population

Modern: Sydney Opera House – settled Great Artists double the culture production of their resident city

Artifact 1: Terracotta Army – all your soldiers receive the Scout upgrade

Artifact 2: Sphinx – you can immediately choose to switch to any government type

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