Year-End Financial Update for Take-Two

Earlier this week, Take-Two released preliminary financial data for the fourth quarter and entire fiscal year 2009.

For the quarter, Take-Two achieved a slightly positive earnings per share of about $0.05 on revenue of $325 million. For the year, earnings were -$1.10/share (therefore, a loss) on $950 million in revenue.


Strauss Zelnick, Chairman of Take-Two, stated, "Our anticipated results for the balance of fiscal 2009 primarily reflect the challenges related to our Major League Baseball business, inventory write downs in our distribution business, and retail conditions that have proven to be more difficult than the assumptions built into our prior outlook. These factors were partially offset by the performance of our catalog business and a number of our holiday titles...Looking ahead, we remain committed to our goal of operating profitably on a non-GAAP basis; however, we do not currently expect to achieve that goal in fiscal 2010."
Take-Two currently seems to be unable to turn a profit, at best breaking even. How this affects the future of the Civilization franchise and Firaxis is unclear. For previous Take-Two finance updates, see this thread.

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